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Temporary Fence Rental
for Businesses in the Lehigh Valley, PA

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Anchor Fence offers temporary fence rental for businesses in the Lehigh Valley, PA. Over our many decades in business, we encountered many times when businesses throughout the area required temporary fencing. Beyond the many types of fences we install, we also offer temporary fencing on a rental basis.

As with permanent fencing, different materials are suitable for temporary fencing purposes. Do you need fencing to protect areas of your property, or to help with crowd control for an event? Let us know your temporary fence needs, and let us match your rental accordingly.

Call Anchor Fence (610) 797-2900, or contact us today to arrange temporary fence rental for your business. We also offer free estimates.

Rent a Chain Link Fence
on a More Temporary Basis

Temporay fencing like chain link fences are affordable ways to provide temporary security. Fence rental is often ‘just right’ for businesses that may have short-term or project-based operations, such as:

  • Construction companies may use temporary fencing to surround a perimeter to secure tools and equipment.
  • Warehousing and distribution businesses may use temporary fencing to secure shipments being picked up, dropped off, or awaiting delivery.
  • Civic or non-profit organizations may require temporary fencing for larger events where crowd control or designated parking is necessary.

What do you do when you need temporary fencing for your business?
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Fencing on a Temporary
Basis Serving Lehigh Valley Businesses

Based in Allentown, PA, our family-owned, and operated company serves Bethlehem, Lehigh Valley, and Bucks County areas. We have built our reputation by being the type of service provider that delivers exceptional value to our customers. If you need a fence for your business, we provide you with chain link fencing. Call us today for an estimate.

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Temporary Fence Rental for Your Business

From our business to yours, Anchor Fence offers fencing solutions that meet your immediate needs. When your property requires fencing temporarily, we are the company to call. We have been in business for over four decades, and provide outstanding customer service every day. Call us with questions and to set up a time to discuss your residential fencing or commercial fencing needs.

Anchor Fence offers quality service
with tempoary fence rental for businesses in the Lehigh Valley, PA.